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Studio System Mobile – Launching a Flagship Offering

In analyzing core user behavior analytics for the core Studio System web client there are various distinct patterns of use.  If we look at session behavior we often see a wide variance of page views and session length.  This behavior can be broken down into two distinct categories of short sessions with focused navigation to personal contact information and long sessions focused mainly on navigating through multiple project records and related financial and person / company attachments.  What each of these session types had in common was 80% of all sessions included viewing either person or company contact information. With this information in hand I set out to create the companies first mobile offering in it's 30 year history. This solution was architected to focus on ease of access to contact information and scale to a near 1:1 platform extension over time and user testing.

Core MVP Components

The initial build of the application was a centralized search engagement for users to quickly find lean person, project, and company records and access summary and contact information in two clicks.  Here we focused on optimizing to the mobile form factor and investing heavily on a notification layer which alerted users of any updates within the system which connected to our internal system digest push notification feature.  We also focused on remembering that the smartphones in our pockets have the primary use of being.... a phone.  Contact portability and the ability for users to instantly find a phone number and save contacts to their phone was critical for early success. Not only did this cater to the primary use case of the web application but also was invaluable to the busy executive on the go and in-between meetings who often held the purchase power over their Studio System subscription. It was never easier with this tool to find an A-list talents agent and contact them on the run which filled a major demand.

Further Development Investment

Growing the application to a tool with a broader demographic use and beyond the initial MVP and basic Project, Person, and Company records we slowly added in advanced list features and a centralized homepage that mirrored the tools of the web destination for parity.


The application penetration currently sits at over 60% of the active subscriber base which is a feat given that the only offering currently is that of an iOS application with no Android support (initial polling showed that entertainment device preference leaned to 70/30 Apple to Android). Along with the highly active user base the application holds a 4.5 star rating for the day to day value it provides.

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