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Creating a Dynamic User Based Insurance Model

Along with Toyota and their Japanese Insurance arm AIOI Nissay Dowa, my team and I were able to architect a Usage Based Insurance model within a Blockchain ecosystem around the full lifecycle of a customer’s journey within user based insurance. Currently in the market companies are operating on a slice of data available to them and not a dynamic solution. 

If we look at the competitive landscape Metromile employs a Per-Mile-Rate of $0.02 - $0.11 per mile with no behavioral data. Progressive employs a voluntary behavior based program based on OBD-II port integrations, and Allstate provides a telematic solution that is purely mobile based amongst others. Overall companies are overly reliant on OBD-II ports, driven by limited telematic data, and fixed costs = customers carrying customers. 

The Motorcycle Problem in Japan

In Japan, only 40% of motorcycles are insured. This is a social problem and it is considered that there are many people who cancel in the winter but won't renew their contract in the spring because the process is inconvenient. To counter act this gap in the market, AIOI was looking to create a PAYR (Pay As You Ride) insurance by using blockchain and telematics to which the rider can continue their insurance without considering the contract pricing due to lack of use and as well remove the roadblock of an inconvenient process to renew. Ultimately we were solving two things....an frictionless onboarding policy, and a data streaming solution.

The Solution

Within the AIOI PAYR solution architected we see the various identities and document types and their relationship together as well as the information fed into the UBI mobile application provided to users as a new and improved user experience that manages their policy as well as all other related data. The first stage of the User based Insurance project was to create the basic relationship between a policy holder, their vehicle and AIOI.


A fully wholistic usage based insurance model is built on the notion of connected identities across a spectrum of entities.  Here we have global registries of vehicles, policy holders, payment providers, hospitals, banks, mobile devices, repair facilities, and insurance providers.  The associations and links between these ids allow for the vehicle to act as the lynchpin to associate a wealth of data into the insurance model. 

Dynamic Usage Based Insurance Policies

f we now open up the taps to the data flowing from a car and it's connected identities we no longer are limited to a usage based insurance model that is limited by slices of available data.  We can now create a truly personalized experience where customers are charged based not only on distance but driving behavior, time of day, geolocation, and a host of additional data points. 

Customer Value

As a customer of a GemOS powered usage based insurance model long are the days of general pricing. Customers now have at their fingertips realtime dynamic pricing tailored to their individual needs and usage behavior. This increases customer loyalty, retention, and overall satisfaction.

Introducing GemOS, the blockchain API developer platform.

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