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Expanding the product offering for the world's largest premium research offering.

StudyMode was founded in 1999 and for it's history has always lived in the premium research content space whether driven by a display ad or subscription. The company grew it's network of traffic domestically as well as internationally via seeding or acquiring like sites providing the same like document content. To grow beyond that niche market we set out to explore and invest in areas to strengthen the brand, diversify product offerings for acquisition positioning, as well as focus on customer value in engaging with StudyMode.

StudyMode Homepage 2014

StudyMode Homepage 2014

As seen in our homepage from 2014, Studymode was a company with a single focus on research content with no additional value propositions or diversity.

New Verticals

The following verticals were invested in to strengthen the brand authority and loyalty in providing free highly valuable product offerings to students.  The applications were built out of analysis of our user base and fulfilling need based solutions to students globally as well as on local campuses.


StudyMode Drive is a local campus level file sharing and community engagement tool at 63 domestic universities which pairs students together with content and their peers based on their current course load. Drive is built around an upload model for which users contribute to the community drive at least once per term for unlimited access to content as well as giving back to the community. For more around the growth of Drive please see the breakdown on building an organic campus engagement platform.


Through search analysis we found that students were often not looking for a particular document but trying to answer a very specific question.  Whether it correlated to a particular homework assignment or various contrasting positions on an argumentative essay users had an immediate need for a quick response to their questions and a concierge service.


Painpoints around student finances with escalating admissions costs and student loan rates are rampant with our user base.  To alleviate some of the financial stress around campus level transactions we acquired and grew Texty as a peer to peer campus level marketplace for textbooks. Getting into the margin transaction space allowed us brand recognition in helping students circumvent the ridiculous margins at the bookstores but also an extendable model into other frequent local transaction types.

With the four core product verticals we've not only strengthened our position as an asset but also structured conditional components that can be leveraged into our international properties on a case by case basis for scalable growth.

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